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Aeromium Barcode Generator is a helper application that lets you generate barcodes easily using fonts. The software verifies data according to industry specifications, generates check digits and enables you to customize the barcode in different ways.

To use the Barcode Generator, simply enter the data to be encoded into the Barcode Data field. Select a Barcode Symbol and click the Make Barcode button. The following is an explanation of the different fields.

Barcode Symbol - The Barcode symbology used for generating the barcodes.

Bearer's Bar - Aeromium ITF14 barcode supports either the Top/Bottom or Rectangle style as the Bearer's Bar.

Extended Style - Barcodes like EAN13, EAN8, UPCA, ISBN, ISSN and UPCE support an Extended Style option which lets the Barcode overlap with the Human Readable Text. Check on this option to turn on the Extended Style.

Barcode Data - The input data to be encoded and used for generating the barcode.

Include Check Digit - Some barcodes allow you to specify an optional check character. Use this option to generate the check character. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to make use of the check character if possible.

Make Barcode - Generate the barcode based on the specified input.

Output Name - Name of the Font that is used to generate the barcode. Aeromium Barcode Fonts typically follow a convention like below:

(Font Name)H1
(Font Name)H2
(Font Name)H3
(Font Name)H4
(Font Name)H5
(Font Name)H6

Each of the "H" represents a specific height of the barcode. Besides allowing you to change the size of the barcode through Font Size, Aeromium Barcode Fonts software provides 6 different fonts for customizing the height of the barcode.

Output Size - The Size of the barcode. Use the drop down list to increase or reduce the font size and adjust the size of the barcode.

Human Readable Text - In many circumstances, a barcode is typically accompanied by a Human Readable Text for convenience. This text allows the user to determine the data encoded in the barcode without performing a barcode scan. This text can be copied from the Barcode Generator and pasted directly below the generated barcode for printing.

It is important to note that in many cases, the Human Readable Text is not the same as the input Data. For example, some check characters do not appear in the Human Readable Text as according to industry specifications. It is thus recommended to place the Human Text beside the barcode instead of relying on the input data.

Show as Text - Display the barcode in normal text characters using the Arial font.

Copy Barcode - Copy the generated barcode into the Windows Clipboard

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